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Ephesus & Surroundings Tour

Duration Departs Pick-up from Kusadası Pick-up from Selcuk Starts Ends
8 Hours Everyday 8.15am 8.45am 9.00am 5.00pm


Ephesus is the most stunning and beautiful city that you can visit around Selcuk. The city has a glorious history; As the decades past, the rulers of the city had changed for many times such as; Greek, Persian, Roman, Byzantine and Ottoman. All of these civilizations had different unique culture and all of them left their sign in this city.



House of the virgin mary

House of the Mary Mother is located very near to Ephesus Ancient City. This small stone house is believed where the Mary Mother lived her final days. Although not officially authenticated by the Catholic Church, the first pilgrimage by Pope Leo XIII in 1896 suggests a positive attitude towards the site. Located on top of Bulbul Mountain, it offers visitors a panoramic view over the town.


Temple of Artemis (July 2014)


 Temple of Artemis is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The first temple was completed in 800 BC, and subsequently 3 more were constructed after each were destroyed. According to legend in 356 BC, a young Ephesian set fire to the temple’s wooden roof burning it to the ground.





Isa Bey mosque which was built in 14th century is the biggest mosque of Selcuk. It is built by Seljuk Turks in honor of Aydınoğlu (Aydinid) Isa Bey. It is one of the most impressive Seljukian architectural art and one of the oldests aswell. 

The influential details including the plant motifs and the beautiful marble workmanship with the variety of glazed mosaics create the marvellous atmosphere of Isabey Mosque.



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